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What is Meliuse?

Meliuse is an online sales catalog for salespeople that allows you to storage all the data of your product and compare it with your competitors. Knowledge and expertise on what you sale builds confidence, and that is a key factor to close deals, which is why in Meliuse you can add brochures, videos, pictures, and anything you need in order to let your client that your product or service is the one they should pick.

Meliuse ensures that all your salespeople knows everything from own products to your competitors solutions and they can win the deals with knowledge. You never know what your potential customer might ask in sales meeting.


Business world is a matter of intelligence, confidence and knowledge, and there is a lot of responsibility on sales people to take any startup to a sustainable growth or maintain big companies at the top. Having experienced the sales profession ourselves, we realized that there is not a particular tool specifically designed for us to take to our sales meeting and convince those potential clients that our product or service is the best among the competition.

Having used Power Point presentations for a long (long) time, we realized that there has to be a better way to make out job simpler when it comes to close deals. Instead of putting extra work to create a reasonable design for a presentation, it is better to have a tool with simple functionality where sales people can put all the content they need.

Idea and Benefits


The friendly user interface of Meliuse allows you to, create and storage everything you need to be ready for that perfect sales meeting. 


We really focus on creating something that makes your sales pitch something fluent, simple and straight to the point, meaning that all the functionality is right where you need it, just one click away. Allowing you to entirely focus on your speech while easily accessing to all the material.

In the cloud

Meliuse works everywhere as long as you have internet connection. Forget about taking papers or any printed material that might distract your potential clients for truly understanding the message and information about your product or service, and store everything online to have it available when you need it. Plus, printing things is bad for the environment.

How can you get Meliuse?

Our product is finally on beta-phase! Now, we are searching for people like you, who are looking for a new way to improve, maintain or innovate their current selling strategies.

The best way you can contribute with Meliuse is by creating your own account and start giving us feedback. Since we are only giving the beta version to selective companies willing to truly contribute with our development, you can easily request one account through this form:

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